Menashe Rajuan , CEO & Founder at WTR tec

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

The Company: WTR Tec is a startup company, operating in the field of waste water (WW) purification for domestic, agriculture and industrial use. The technology’s breakthrough was achieved by implementing a novel approach to the Electro Coagulation (EC) / Electro Flotation (EF), multi variables processes. New methodologies enable the optimization of the processes working point, resulting in an in stream water treatment process which is energetically and operationally more effective than any other known process. WTR Tec’s vision is to be a successful company with strong R&D, production and marketing capabilities, to become a leader in the Israeli market and to expand internationally.
The Product: WTR Tec's system is a multi stage purification process which combines both EC and EF systems developed to fit market’s demands in the processing of 0.5 - 20m3/h per module. The innovation inherent in the WTR Tec continuous, in stream, one step process, centers on six primary characteristics and the combination thereof:
1. Very low foot print.
2. Low energy consumption.
3. Low capital + operational costs.
4. High recovery ratio
5. Environmentally friendly process.
6. A modular, stand alone system.

The technology’s concept is based on separating contaminates from water (rather than the conventional process of separating water from contaminates), using physical, electrochemical and hydrodynamic phenomena. At this time, there is no other known company with the same capability.

Country: Israel

Organization Type: Producer

Organization Size: 1-10


City: Jerusalem ,19 Navon st. Jerusalem, Israel 94352 Google map

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