Yacov Gur-Arie , CEO at G.A. Electro Sonic Ltd

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

The company G.A. electro Sonic Ltd. was founded in 1986 after 3 years (since
1983) of activity of its CEO - Yacov Gur-Arie in rodent damage, prevention by way of ultrasonic means.
The company manufactures ultrasonic rodent damage protection systems,
designs their deployment in each particular site, and installs and commissions the
system there. The rodents in question are mainly mice and rats.
The company has a large and varied installed base that provides satisfactory
prevention to the respective customers for years and decades. Among the long
list of sites protected so far one can find computer data centers, various industrial
plants, office buildings, traffic&infrastructure tunnels, water&wastewater pumping stations, desalination plants and more... .
Among its customers one can find the Ministry of defense, Mekorot-Israel Water Company, Refael, Israel Electric Corporation, wastewater treatment plants, control and monitoring centers, food and beverage plants, etc.
We are looking for business cooperation with Dutch companies in the water and energy sector

Country: Israel

Phone: +972-52-2458203


City: Raanana ,7 Hamaayan St., Raanana 4356900 Google map

Areas of Activities

Water Technology





          Ultrasonic rodent damage prevention