Arie Dolev , CEO at SolaeBead Ltd

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  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

SolarBead develops the next generation Micro-Inverter for Solar Power plants and Roof-top installations.

As of today, over 95% of the PV solar market is captured by the central inverter concept which suffers from many difficulties. The significant is the loss of energy due to shading, mismatch, aging, temperature and more.

SolarBead, an Israeli Corporation, established on 2011 by its research team, has developed a unique and innovative concept which reduces power plants construction costs by more than 25% and improves the energy harvesting by above 20% as well as other performances of the PV solar systems. Thus, improving profits and investment ROI dramatically. .

• SolarBead solutions generates more than 20% more energy
• SolarBead challenges the $/w goal (above 25%) and introduces competitive costs.
• SolarBead provides best solution for power plants as well as for roof-top applications
• SolarBead concept provides perfect solution for new installation and upgrade applications
• SolarBead concept solves all existing system deficiencies.
• SolarBead minimize the module aging affect
• SolarBead provides reliable solution – matching the Modules warranty level

The PV solar market is constantly growing; the power inverter segment will exceed 20 Billion Dollars by year 2020.

SolarBead targets to become the worldwide leader in its segment of operation due to its innovative technology, market understanding and commercial capabilities.

SolarBead – the ultimate solution for Solar Power plants and Roof-top applications

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