Rotem Arad , VP Sales and BD -EU and USA at Atlantium

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

Atlantium Technologies Ltd, established in 2003, provides water dependent industries such as aquaculture, bio-pharma, dairies, food & beverage, oil & gas and power plants, as well as municipalities, with UV (ultraviolet) based treatment to meet the growing need for safe water.
The company's cost-effective and environmentally-friendly Hydro-Optic(TM) solutions deliver unprecedented microbial inactivation, taking water biosecurity to levels never before achieved.
Atlantium systems are field-proven and validated to the highest regulatory standards including US EPA, FDA and PMO. The company has an international customer base including Fortune 500 companies, with installations all over the world.

Country: Israel

Phone: +972-54-2220131


City: Har Tuv Aleph Industrial Park ,11 Hamelacha Street Google map

Areas of Activities

Water Technology


    Safe water without chemicals for water-dependent industries and municipal water suppliers

    About Atlantium
    Atlantium Technologies Ltd, founded in 1993, provides water-dependent industries and municipal water providers with sustainable Hydro-Optic™ UV (ultraviolet) solutions that deliver unprecedented microbial inactivation, taking water safety to levels never before achieved with chemicals or other UV systems.

    Patented Hydro-Optic engineering uses fiber-optic principles that recycle UV photons to lower energy costs while optimizing UV exposure. It provides a clean, green sustainable solution that saves energy, reduces chemicals, saves water and protects the environment. The company has an international customer base with installations all over the world.

    Although competing with low-cost conventional technologies customer by customer, Atlantium provides added value at major Fortune 500 companies including Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Nestle, Danone and Carlsberg, as well as municipalities in New York, Pennsylvania and other states in the US.

    Atlantium’s UV technology changed the paradigm by helping regulators and environmentalists understand the true potential of UV, especially in applications that require accountability. Until now, the only alternatives were high energy heat, chemicals or maintenance intensive processes.

    Saves Energy
    Inspired by Atlantium demonstration projects that showed how UV could be designed and engineered to measure and control UV light so it would be consistently reliable, the US FDA changed their regulations and incorporated new criteria for the use of UV to achieve water pasteurization, especially relevant for dairy production. Heat pasteurization uses 150kW per hour, while Atlantium technology uses just 3kW per hour.

    In a Tier 1 Bio-pharma plant, Atlantium UV replaces heat disinfection in the purified water loop, reducing energy consumption by 80%. The conventional alternative to maintaining a purified water loop is through periodic, even daily, heating to over 90C, with significant energy and water consumption. Atlantium obviates the need for additional chemicals or heat to achieve the required disinfection.

    In Food & Beverage plants around the world, Atlantium UV disinfection reduces biofilm in pipes so that less aggressive cleaning is required – less energy, less chemicals and less water.

    Reduces Chemicals
    Atlantium is the only UV company to offer a sustainable, clean de-chlorination solution in leading Bio-pharma plants in the US, Israel and Europe.

    Atlantium UV dechlorination replaces Activated Carbon filters and chemicals such as SBS, with their inherent disadvantages: Activated Carbon filters are a source of food for various types of bacteria, requiring frequently-scheduled, expensive maintenance procedures such as steam sanitation and backwash that require large quantities of heat and water; SBS is a source for sulfite reducing bacteria that makes an ideal environment for anaerobic microorganisms, creating slime on the RO membranes and over time increasing energy requirements to achieve the same results.

    Atlantium UV prevents membrane fouling, reduces the energy required to purify water through membranes, and provides high-level disinfection without the chemicals.

    Saves Water
    Coca Cola recovers water using Atlantium technology. They use approximately 300 billion liters of water annually, of which 60% is used for production processes such as rinsing and heat exchange. Coke has begun implementing a water recovery system enabling 100% recycling of used process water. Atlantium UV units (which meet strict Coca Cola regulations for safe water) are the focal point in the prize-winning process - the final barrier to achieve fully usable, clear, safe water - before recycling the water back to the production line.

    Many dairies in the US recover water by using Atlantium FDA-PMO applications. For example, a large dairy cooperative in the US installed Atlantium UV to disinfect 60 tons of cow water (a by-product of the milk drying process) daily for reuse water that needs to be totally spore-free to maintain product shelf life. Today, 80% of their daily consumption of 900m3 of process water is recovered cow water.

    Protects the Environment
    Atlantium’s latest development is to treat ship ballast water to comply with new stringent international regulations. The innovative Atlantium solution will be installed in ships, and protect the environment from contaminated ship ballast water and harmful invasive species.

    Atlantium UV protects local streams near oil & gas wells. It replaces chemical biocides in the oil & gas industry to disinfect the water from the subterranean anaerobic wells where bacteria thrive, so the water can be discharged safely to local streams or reused for re-injection.

    Validated to Highest Regulatory Criteria
    External 3rd party validation and scientific research and demonstration projects have proven Atlantium’s cost-effectiveness and commercial feasibility.
    Atlantium UV is third-party validated to strict US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) performance and safety criteria.

    Atlantium’s regulatory initiatives in the food safety area led to changes in the FDA’s regulations for US dairies to adopt UV to replace heat pasteurization of water, saving significant energy and other costs. Over 20 key dairies have already adopted this new approach. Atlantium is now well positioned to provide US Food Safety Modernization Act compliant solutions, with integrated record keeping software.