Saleh Bahary , CEO / Owner at Interesba

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

For more than 30 years Interesba is active in linking project and products between Europe, the Middle-East and North-Africa. Its substantial network and excellent reputation enables it to successfully fulfill many challenges in both consultancy and trade.

Over the years Interesba successfully facilitated several projects in the food supply chain and food industry with focus on:
- Agri-food, aquaculture and horticulture
- Logistics and marketing / sales support
- Water
- Energy

The CEO, Mr. Saleh Bahary who was born in Iraq and came to the Netherlands in 1977, masters Dutch, Arabic and English. His proficiency in these languages together with his oriental background is a major advantage to bridge gaps between different cultures.

Country: Netherlands


City: Amstelveen ,Keizer Karelweg 243 Google map

Areas of Activities

Agro, Food & Technology

    Offer & Request

    Progressing Middle-East projects

    Progressing Middle-East projects in Tomatoes, Genetics, Dairy, Fruit, Dates and Syrup processes, as well as in Aquaculture / fish / carp / high density fish.