Boaz Wachtel , Founder and Co-CEO at Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd.

1) Plant Yield increase through Roots zone heating and cooling and
2) irrigation by condentation (NASA techBrief's Magazine Technology of the month)

Country: Israel

Phone: +972 544 573679


City: Kefar Netter ,PO Box 3577 Google map

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Areas of Activities

Water Technology

    Agro, Food & Technology


      Seeking strategic partners in EU and investments

      We offer plant yield increase technology (20-140) with root zone heating and cooling (commercial stage) and Irrigation by condensation (R&D stage), backed by strong IP and experienced team. Company funded by the Israeli Chief Scientist office + strategic partner. Requesting - Strategic partners in the EU + investment

      Keywords: Climate control of plants via root zone heating and coolingHeat pumps and Ground source heat exchangeIrrigation with condensation from humidity in air and soil