Joep Hendricks , Managing Director at HortiAlliance

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

‘Give away everything you know, and more will come back to you’

Who we are

HortiAlliance is a platform where leaders in the global horticultural field are cross-sharing R&D and market knowledge in order to drive meaningful innovation. They contribute to highly efficient production of horticultural crops.
Sustainability has never been an issue in our business; it is our nature. Reducing input while maximizing output is what horticulture is about. Today there is no room for wasting precious production resources and no profit margin left for post harvest and supply chain waste. This economic and environmental focus has always been around and is at the base of our sustainable business models.

The partners are:

Rijk Zwaan, Royal Philips, Wageningen University, Grodan, Svensson, KUBO, Leen Huisman, Flier Systems, ArendSosef, BVB Substrates, Fides, DNA Green Group, Flynth, Modiform, Frans van Zaal.

What We Strive for

1. More, and more nutritious food
2. Higher crop yields
3. Less supply chain waste
4. Efficient use of natural resources

Through developing smart technology and better crop varieties. Together with our partners in horticulture and beyond. Through world-wide training and development of growers; from the largest integrated grower to small holders.

Our Invitation

We seek collaboration with equal minds active in agriculture, water, energy, high-tech: Innovative researchers, companies, NGO’s and governments. We can offer a deep insight into our industry’s innovation nursery and expert networks.

Check for events and activities, or contact the managing director Joep Hendricks via or +31 174 530 100

Country: Netherlands

Organization Type: Supplier

Organization Size: 250+


City: Barendrecht ,p/a Gygga Innoventures, PO Box 440 Google map

Areas of Activities

Water Technology

    Agro, Food & Technology


      open invite to present new technology applications for horti and agri by local research, start-ups o

      open invite to present new technology applications for horti and agri by local research, start-ups or SME's