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  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

Technology Foundation STW, officially established in 1981, realises knowledge transfer between the technical sciences and users. In all research projects users provide valuable recommendations and contribute their own knowledge from the start until the end of the project. This can lead to a tightening of the research question and a better potential for actual use of the results. Ultimately innovation – or in STW terms utilisation – is the result of the joint efforts between researchers and users.
Key figures
Researchers in STW projects are employed at the institution that carries out the research. At any given time there are about 600 projects that are led by a university project leader and supervised by a program officer (PO) from STW. About 1300 user relations are involved in all of the projects together. About 1000 of these come from industry, about 40% of these from technical SMEs. The new knowledge is recorded each year in about 85 theses, 600 scientific publications and 10 patents and finds its way to industry via license agreements and start-ups.
About 44 M€ of STW's budget comes from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), 22 M€ from the Ministry for Economic Affairs (EZ) and 8 M€ in co-funding by partners in research projects. The rest comes from budgets of programmes for which STW is the programme office. In addition to this the partners make in-kind contributions to the research to the value of about 10 M€.

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