Johan de Bondt , Chairman at Water Authority Amstel Gooi en Vecht

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

The Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht

The Netherlands has had Water Boards since as early as the thirteenth century. These governmental bodies play a vital and indispensable role: the protection of people, livestock, vegetation and infrastructure against flooding. And also ensuring sufficient surface water of good quality.

Water Boards are independent bodies and have their own areas of authority. They draw up regulations and they levy taxes. Their responsibilities cover a lot more than just constructing dykes and building pumping stations. These days, Water Boards are closely involved in land use, planning, nature conservation, protection of the environment, recreation etc. Water Boards draw up long term water plans.

The Water Board Amstel, Gooi and Vecht is one of these bodies. In fact, it is one of the larger Water Boards in the Netherlands, working around the Amsterdam area. Amstel, Gooi and Vecht has a number of responsibilities:
providing protection against flooding by building and maintaining dykes and canals ensuring the water levels are kept at the right level improving the quality of surface water (such as rivers and canals), and reducing water pollution

Country: Netherlands


City: Amsterdam ,Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 7, 1096 AC Google map

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