Sybe Schaap , Chairman of the Board at Netherlands Water Partnership,

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

The Netherlands Water Partnership is your gateway to the Dutch Water Sector and your point of information when looking for water-related solutions from the Netherlands.
The Netherlands Water Partnership can bring you in direct contact with the right water expertise in the Netherlands, whether this concerns technological, organizational, financial or environmental questions in relation to water. Expertise in the entire water chain, from source to all possible water-users; from use to recycling and re-use; from solutions at sea to remote sensing from space.
The Netherlands Water Partnership is an independent network of more than 200 Dutch organization active world-wide. More than half are companies; others are knowledge institutes, public authorities and NGOs.
The Dutch approach is an integrated one, focused on long-term sustainability. These are not just words. Water has become embedded in the genes of the Dutch. For over a thousand years the Dutch have been reclaiming and defending land from the sea. A skill that goes hand in hand with water management, spatial planning, water supply and water quality. A history that revolves around ages of innovation and adaptation to water. See at how the Dutch water sector balances what is needed with what is affordable and manageable.

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