Adriaan Van Westreenen , CEO at Comixus Telecommunicatie & Netwerken B.V.

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

Comixus B.V. ‘Telecommunicatie en Netwerken’ is a full-service telecommunications and network specialist. We are specialized in all kind of internet, telephony, camera security and network infrastructure solutions for the SME market. The telecom solution that we have is VoIP. VoIP (Voice over IP) is the new method for telephony. With this method for telephony make we it possible to realise a big cost reduction for our international and national customers. How do we do it? We implement a central telephone exchange and connect via internet the exchange between the (international) locations from our customers. Result? Free phone traffic worldwide between the locations of our customers.
We provide all kind of solutions for telecommunications and networks in the broadest sense of the term. So we deliver also fiber (internet) connections, camera security solutions, time registration systems, e-mail solutions and everything that belongs with this. We can give a optimal uptime guarantee with our 24/7 Service Level Agreement.
Comixus B.V. is located in Veenendaal and many years active. We’ve got much customers in the SME market. Our target is to grow out till a big local player in the telecommunications market. Our biggest customers are international companies with many locations worldwide. And our smallest customers are local companies with one phone. We can handle it all! That’s the power of Comixus!

Country: Netherlands

Phone: +31318724724


City: Veenendaal ,De Smalle Zijde 7e, 3903 LL Google map

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