Pol van den Bergen , Managing Partner at Wittenburg Council / Prisma & Associates

Bilateral Meetings

  • 08.12.2013 Sunday (04:15 pm - 06:00 pm)

Prisma&Associates bring together governments, build bridges between them and business, industry and science. The experts transfer fresh ideas and new technology into special projects or enterprises.
Making public innovation policies understandable and accessible for all different parties involved like governments, scientists and common business people, that’s the tool of Prisma&Associates, a team of specialist experts, active over 25 years.
Extensive worldwide network
Dutch based Prisma steers and advises all parties involved. For this unique two-sided approach the experts of Prisma use their extensive worldwide network.
Development and implementation of new technology is one of Prisma’s goals. Therefore team members of Prisma assist in converting technology formulas into negotiable international business terms.
High experience, fresh inspiration
Prisma&Associates employ only innovation oriented specialists, highly experienced in connecting public entities and private organisations, build bridges between policy makers and technology developers.
Our experts create fresh inspiration for raising new and existing bilateral or international development programs.
Focus meetings, matchmaking, partnering events and consortium forming sessions are Prisma’s usp’s. Taking time to know each other, letting ideas grow into new directions, making room for ‘social incubation.’ Thus technology companies can be brought together to match competences, to create synergy, or get higher market shares through EU-programs, like Cost or Eureka.
Prisma creates, expands and innovates
New environments are created for companies to start, to expand and innovate. Prisma works together with local governments for new programs but also evaluates and monitorizes running ones. Our experts’ advice how to create financial arrangements and assistance in the implementation of innovative projects.
Prisma is happy to share the long-time specialised experience. For instance on innovative projects for upcoming markets and developing countries. Or the running of an intergovernmental secretariat, or providing the mediator or chairperson at international negotiations.

Country: Netherlands


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